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Winter Detox & Cleanse Book Add-On

Winter Detox & Cleanse Book Add-On

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Our Winter Detox & Cleanse book, is our entire program in printed format.

The Evolve Winter Detox & Cleanse program is comprehensive and integrated, covering circulation, movement, lymph, bowel health, mental reprogramming, dental, dermal, and breathing. It is a detox combined with a total body cleanse.

The cleansing portion of the program includes broths, soups, and teas. Nutrient-dense and loaded with healthy fats, these recipes will support hormones and detox pathways. Every ingredient in the recipes has a purpose.Cleanses help purge the body of unwanted bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, yeast and fungus, removing accumulated inflammation, cleansing the bowels, and rebooting the immune system.

The Evolve Winter Detox & Cleanse program also comes with a bonus section of balancing and optimizing your hormones

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70 pages

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