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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

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Ground it to the earth, write it, paint it, dance it, pray it, sing it, touch it, let go & surrender into it, love it, believe in it, see it, envision it, manifest it, create it, then become it.

Many times, we outsource communication and connection to a family member, a friend, significant other, or a therapist. With this journal, you are opening the communication with your soul- the source connection to everything.

This is a magical tool to capture dreams, intuitive whispers, emotions, and heart speak. You can go back and REFLECT over them – use them to grow. You can use AFFIRMATIONS to bring you closer to your authentic self.

Time spend in self-reflection is never time wasted- it is an intimate date with yourself.

167 pages
Black and white print
100 days of gratitude practice
Plus, extra pages for free flow thoughts, affirmations, movement tracker, and more

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